Thursday, July 11, 2013

A year Later

Wow it has been an entire YEAR!!! And guess what I still have not accomplished anything. :( I'll update you on what threw me off course yet again. First off everyone knew I was pregnant this time last year and everything was peachy. I was acing all my exams, quizzes, reports and etc. About the 10 week into my first quarter I was put on bed rest because I was at risk for pre-term labor. I was contracting and even dilated 1 cm at just 25 weeks. I was upset not only because my son might come earlier than expected but my fiancé was way for training for his new job and I wouldn't see him again until after my due date. I was also upset to the fact that I had to withdrawal from school yet again. Another set back. But fast forward to today I had my son Ari at 38 weeks weighing albs 1.5 oz and he was 19.5 inches long. He was so beautiful and still is. Now he is 7 months and we have moved to the East coast from the Midwest now. Everything is turning out great besides the fact that I have no certification or degree in nursing. I am still determined to do whatever I can to be an RN. So don't give up on me now.. I am looking into schools out here and scholarships to help get me back into the grove. I'll update soon Tata