Thursday, June 21, 2012


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Taking a Step Back

So in the last month, I've been laid off and found out I was pregnant. It's like bad news then exciting news . I had everything planned out and of course nothing goes as planned. I've prayed for a way and the only way that will happen is if you help yourself first (before asking for help).  So I've been sitting here at home job searching especially for anything in the medical/health scene I have little experience but I do have experience in EMS, and CNA. Although I am no longer certified for either one of these two jobs. Its still experience and I still have knowledge of all skills in both fields. Ok now back to my step back, So I have been talking about going to Medtech to be an RN. Right now that isn't going to happen. First of all I don't have the money to retake that test, I do have the time to study for it but I can't afford to retake it. I will start with getting my LPN. Not only do LPN's do more hands on with patients but I can always take a LPN-RN program later if I still decide that LPN isn't where my heart it set. But I am determined. ITs best for me to start now because I know I won't have this much motivation after my baby comes. But still Im going to work for it. Pray for me :)