Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First week done- CHECK

I am sooooo excited. For my first quarter I have A&P, Patient Interaction, Nursing Fundamentals, and Clinicals on Fridays. OMG>> So I've already taken A&P TWICE.. so this is my third time I better pass with an A++. Everything has gone pretty smooth so far and I think its true what they say; Its very difficult to work while in nursing school. Now my program is an accelerated program but still I'm sure my old school was just as hard. I have had chapters piled on to chapters of reading so far. Not only did I think this was going to be simple because it isn't an RN program its LPN. But LPN's do so much too that I didn't even know about. That was the shocker after going to my clinical class. But starting off you do a lot of what CNA or STNA's do: oral care, perineal care, making beds, and feedings. But we are getting into the more fun stuff now we start off with medical-surgical procedures and thats where I want to be. All I've been doing for real is eating, sleeping and thinking about nursing. I have never had this mentality before but it feels great. My baby is also keeping my spirits up. Did I mention it's a boy? Yep.. A baby boy due December 12, 2012, I'm excited for him to be here as well to see his mommy and daddy and to see us achieve our dreams. I'm so blessed right now it's overwhelming... but I told time away from homework to post this. So if your in nursing heres a study tip.

*** When you are studying (reading) make sure to either cut out all background noise if you need silence to study if you need noise try some jazz or classical music even some throwback jams but keep the volume low. Make sure to take breaks when you have a lot of reading to do because it won't all stick in your head. Maybe the first 20-30minutes of reading will stick but anything after goes in one ear and out of the other. Breaks are needed to clear your mind and relax then slowly come back to the reading and continue*** Happy Studying :)

P.S it worked for me.. I already aced a few of my quizzes in week 2