Thursday, July 11, 2013

A year Later

Wow it has been an entire YEAR!!! And guess what I still have not accomplished anything. :( I'll update you on what threw me off course yet again. First off everyone knew I was pregnant this time last year and everything was peachy. I was acing all my exams, quizzes, reports and etc. About the 10 week into my first quarter I was put on bed rest because I was at risk for pre-term labor. I was contracting and even dilated 1 cm at just 25 weeks. I was upset not only because my son might come earlier than expected but my fiancé was way for training for his new job and I wouldn't see him again until after my due date. I was also upset to the fact that I had to withdrawal from school yet again. Another set back. But fast forward to today I had my son Ari at 38 weeks weighing albs 1.5 oz and he was 19.5 inches long. He was so beautiful and still is. Now he is 7 months and we have moved to the East coast from the Midwest now. Everything is turning out great besides the fact that I have no certification or degree in nursing. I am still determined to do whatever I can to be an RN. So don't give up on me now.. I am looking into schools out here and scholarships to help get me back into the grove. I'll update soon Tata

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First week done- CHECK

I am sooooo excited. For my first quarter I have A&P, Patient Interaction, Nursing Fundamentals, and Clinicals on Fridays. OMG>> So I've already taken A&P TWICE.. so this is my third time I better pass with an A++. Everything has gone pretty smooth so far and I think its true what they say; Its very difficult to work while in nursing school. Now my program is an accelerated program but still I'm sure my old school was just as hard. I have had chapters piled on to chapters of reading so far. Not only did I think this was going to be simple because it isn't an RN program its LPN. But LPN's do so much too that I didn't even know about. That was the shocker after going to my clinical class. But starting off you do a lot of what CNA or STNA's do: oral care, perineal care, making beds, and feedings. But we are getting into the more fun stuff now we start off with medical-surgical procedures and thats where I want to be. All I've been doing for real is eating, sleeping and thinking about nursing. I have never had this mentality before but it feels great. My baby is also keeping my spirits up. Did I mention it's a boy? Yep.. A baby boy due December 12, 2012, I'm excited for him to be here as well to see his mommy and daddy and to see us achieve our dreams. I'm so blessed right now it's overwhelming... but I told time away from homework to post this. So if your in nursing heres a study tip.

*** When you are studying (reading) make sure to either cut out all background noise if you need silence to study if you need noise try some jazz or classical music even some throwback jams but keep the volume low. Make sure to take breaks when you have a lot of reading to do because it won't all stick in your head. Maybe the first 20-30minutes of reading will stick but anything after goes in one ear and out of the other. Breaks are needed to clear your mind and relax then slowly come back to the reading and continue*** Happy Studying :)

P.S it worked for me.. I already aced a few of my quizzes in week 2

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Taking a Step Back

So in the last month, I've been laid off and found out I was pregnant. It's like bad news then exciting news . I had everything planned out and of course nothing goes as planned. I've prayed for a way and the only way that will happen is if you help yourself first (before asking for help).  So I've been sitting here at home job searching especially for anything in the medical/health scene I have little experience but I do have experience in EMS, and CNA. Although I am no longer certified for either one of these two jobs. Its still experience and I still have knowledge of all skills in both fields. Ok now back to my step back, So I have been talking about going to Medtech to be an RN. Right now that isn't going to happen. First of all I don't have the money to retake that test, I do have the time to study for it but I can't afford to retake it. I will start with getting my LPN. Not only do LPN's do more hands on with patients but I can always take a LPN-RN program later if I still decide that LPN isn't where my heart it set. But I am determined. ITs best for me to start now because I know I won't have this much motivation after my baby comes. But still Im going to work for it. Pray for me :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some side add

SO I failed to say how my hubby mentioned that I should be doing something everyday that has to relate to nursing. So From looking at nurse-toons to actually doing or reading something health related. I want to work on medical spanish terminology while Im at work gives me something to do in the mean time but I think it would be smart to actually learn some english terminology first. I'm really too hype to start school already and I'm glad I have my Hubby he is major support. I'm not prepared for to face the hardships again as I did a few years ago and I feel like now is the best time to better prepare myself. Some of the classes I will be taking in July I have taken once or twice before. Again I believe in trying again.. not 3 strikes your out. LOL I am prepared to do whatever I can..and study the hardest possible. I'm not blaming anyone I went to school with but when your a freshman it's kind of hard to take school seriously you party and hang out with the wrong people, you skip class and forget about tests and quizzes. It was horrible something I wish I would of took more seriously. Its sad that I'm about to be 23 and should be graduating this year but yet I decided to start over. Start fresh with no distractions and nothing to take my mind off of what I am meant to be :) Going to work on a positive note<3

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 we go again

I wish people and schools knew how determined I am to become a nurse. Its been my dream since I was 3 like literally. But Sad to say i haven't update because I failed the TEAS test. Afterwards I had a serious breakdown but I'm still determined. Everything happens for a reason so I think that during that time period in my life it wasn't going to work out. So and my hubby have put a plan together and are determined to stay on it. School starts in July and I am studying again for the TEAS.. hard study.. i have a lot of down time at work..that is the time I will use. I'm going to study all month and then take the TEAS so I'm in early and i might get a choice of morning or night classes just depending on how soon I take it. I'm also restudying my anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and math skills so it doesn't seem like I've been outta school since early 2011. Not too but still. I AM DETERMINED! and I know it will happen if not now than later. You will fail a million times before you succeed.. I will get there

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Starting Over

Let me first share a little of my school history. I went to Ben Davis High School one of the biggest in the U.S. I never did very well I was always more concerned with my extracurricular activities like choir and colorguard (winterguard too). After Graduating with a Core 40 Diploma (average) I decided to go to University of Indianapolis. And of course for Nursing. See I've always wanted to be a nurse or a doctor. I could see myself working in a hospital ever since I was little. My dad bought me this toy stethoscope when I was 3. After I turned 6 my grandma let me go to work with her on the weekends at Heartland Nursing Home in Greenville, Ohio. I suggest you google it if you haven't heard of Fort Greenville. Thats my hometown by the way. Anyways while I was in school at Uindy, I studied my butt off to get into the nursing program. See I had plans! I planned on getting into nursing school sophomore year and by the time senior year came around I was going to apply to the graduate program to get my Masters to be a Midwife. All that went down the drain as classes became harder and each year Uindy bumped up the requirement to get into nursing. The beginning of Junior year I dropped out. I was working over time and it was either school or having a place to live and food to eat. So bascially survival or school. So now here I am a year later trying to get my life back on track. I am now preparing to take the TEAS test for Medtech so I can start school in two weeks. I love that now I have a great support aka my boyfriend. He not only supports me, but pushes me to do better because he knows what I can handle and how far I can go. So Im praying that this all will work out and I can graduate in 21 months with my ASN in nursing.. :) stay tuned to see if I get in or not