Saturday, January 7, 2012

Starting Over

Let me first share a little of my school history. I went to Ben Davis High School one of the biggest in the U.S. I never did very well I was always more concerned with my extracurricular activities like choir and colorguard (winterguard too). After Graduating with a Core 40 Diploma (average) I decided to go to University of Indianapolis. And of course for Nursing. See I've always wanted to be a nurse or a doctor. I could see myself working in a hospital ever since I was little. My dad bought me this toy stethoscope when I was 3. After I turned 6 my grandma let me go to work with her on the weekends at Heartland Nursing Home in Greenville, Ohio. I suggest you google it if you haven't heard of Fort Greenville. Thats my hometown by the way. Anyways while I was in school at Uindy, I studied my butt off to get into the nursing program. See I had plans! I planned on getting into nursing school sophomore year and by the time senior year came around I was going to apply to the graduate program to get my Masters to be a Midwife. All that went down the drain as classes became harder and each year Uindy bumped up the requirement to get into nursing. The beginning of Junior year I dropped out. I was working over time and it was either school or having a place to live and food to eat. So bascially survival or school. So now here I am a year later trying to get my life back on track. I am now preparing to take the TEAS test for Medtech so I can start school in two weeks. I love that now I have a great support aka my boyfriend. He not only supports me, but pushes me to do better because he knows what I can handle and how far I can go. So Im praying that this all will work out and I can graduate in 21 months with my ASN in nursing.. :) stay tuned to see if I get in or not

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