Wednesday, April 4, 2012 we go again

I wish people and schools knew how determined I am to become a nurse. Its been my dream since I was 3 like literally. But Sad to say i haven't update because I failed the TEAS test. Afterwards I had a serious breakdown but I'm still determined. Everything happens for a reason so I think that during that time period in my life it wasn't going to work out. So and my hubby have put a plan together and are determined to stay on it. School starts in July and I am studying again for the TEAS.. hard study.. i have a lot of down time at work..that is the time I will use. I'm going to study all month and then take the TEAS so I'm in early and i might get a choice of morning or night classes just depending on how soon I take it. I'm also restudying my anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and math skills so it doesn't seem like I've been outta school since early 2011. Not too but still. I AM DETERMINED! and I know it will happen if not now than later. You will fail a million times before you succeed.. I will get there

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