Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some side add

SO I failed to say how my hubby mentioned that I should be doing something everyday that has to relate to nursing. So From looking at nurse-toons to actually doing or reading something health related. I want to work on medical spanish terminology while Im at work gives me something to do in the mean time but I think it would be smart to actually learn some english terminology first. I'm really too hype to start school already and I'm glad I have my Hubby he is major support. I'm not prepared for to face the hardships again as I did a few years ago and I feel like now is the best time to better prepare myself. Some of the classes I will be taking in July I have taken once or twice before. Again I believe in trying again.. not 3 strikes your out. LOL I am prepared to do whatever I can..and study the hardest possible. I'm not blaming anyone I went to school with but when your a freshman it's kind of hard to take school seriously you party and hang out with the wrong people, you skip class and forget about tests and quizzes. It was horrible something I wish I would of took more seriously. Its sad that I'm about to be 23 and should be graduating this year but yet I decided to start over. Start fresh with no distractions and nothing to take my mind off of what I am meant to be :) Going to work on a positive note<3

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